Journal Prompts

These prompts are to serve as a guide in your journaling practice. If you are unsure what to write about they can give you a place to start. The following prompts are geared towards exploration of your self-esteem. These are not intended to be a replacement for therapy, however you may find that you want to discuss your thoughts and responses with your therapist. 

1. How did you care for yourself this week? What nourished you ( time with others, rest, etc) What got in the way of your care?

2. What are you doing really well right now? How are you accomplishing this? Do you ever discount your abilities and/or accomplishments? Why do you think this is?

3. What rituals brought you joy this week? Or this month? A ritual can be something formal like religious practice or meditation practice, or less formal like a weekly coffee with a close friend. What is the significance of these rituals to you? How do you make sure you create time and space for these rituals?

4. What was a moment or action that required courage this month? Did you allow yourself to acknowledge  your courage? Why or why not?