Self-Care Favorites


As I was compiling a list of self-care items for my upcoming Eating Disorder Support Group, I figured I would share 5 of my favorites. Above is one of my past self-care projects: decorating with plants, and getting a bunny shaped succulent pot because why not?

So my top 5 ( in no particular order):

  • Donation based yoga classes. It is not secret that I love yoga, but sometimes the cost of attending an actual class can be hard on your wallet. So check out your local yoga studios and their schedules because many offer community or donation based classes a few times a week.

  • Mindfulness Meditation weekly events at the Rubin. This is one of my favorite spots in the city and I have yet to check out their meditation offerings. Every Wednesday at 1pm they offer mindfulness meditation events for 45 minutes, $15 non members, free for members. I'm planning to sign up for one soon!

  • Insight Meditation Timer- an app for your phone that I use almost daily. One of my favorite free meditation apps. Personally I love doing my meditation with the OM sound in the background. They also have a great selection of guided offerings as well.

  • IDNYC- my new favorite find. Getting a NYC ID ( free for all NYC residents) is a great way to access cool stuff for free or discounted prices. I signed up mainly for the free year long museum memberships ( available if you have never been a member before). They also offer discounts for sporting events and entertainment.

  • Mindful coloring with a little 10 yr old humor thrown in.

Oh, one more! This wasn't on my list but found it after and want to check it out:

The Rose Main Reading Room at the NYPL. A bibliophile's dream.

rose reading room

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