Notes from the Week

  1. Mindfulness thing I’m loving: my insight timer app

  2. Book I’m into this week: The Obstacle is the Way

  3. Self-care item this week: Saw Marvin's Room. A beautiful play about family and life’s most challenging moments, with a dose of humor mixed in.

  4. Yoga: on my mind this week after attending a class in which a new to me instructor offered constant adjustments that did not feel appropriate for my body or my practice I left feeling icky. This led me to conversations with fellow yogis, fellow teachers, and looking for advice on how to handle this topic. This article had some great insights.

  5. Body Image/Body Positive: Just got an e-mail reminder about this year’s NY NEDA WALK! A great event for people in recovery and their supports. For details click here.

  6. Recipe I loved: figuring out how to use all the garlic scapes from my CSA with help from this article.

  7. Quote I’m loving: “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” - Brené Brown .

  8. Who I’m following on Insta: @GemmaCorrell, her comics sum up everyday life with a bit of humor.

  9. Noteworthy article: This look at how to deal with information overload

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