Notes from the Week

  1. Mindfulness thing I’m loving…. 3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness

  2. Book I’m into this week….Mahatma Gandhi , The Essential Writings

  3. Self-care item this week- spending an evening in Central Park.​​

  4. Yoga- I will be offering a restorative yoga class for women in ED Recovery this fall! Thursday 9/14/17 at 6:45pm, sign up here.

  5. Body Image/Body Positive-- this artist. Learn more about the artist here.

  6. Recipe I loved-- not really a recipe, but discovered that you can use this simple trick to prepare corn ( if you’re like me and live in an apartment without a backyard/grill).

  7. Quote I’m loving: “I’m still learning how to be easier on myself, how to remember that I’m only human.” autumn

  8. Who I’m following on Insta: @mynameisjessamyn , body positive yoga teacher

  9. Noteworthy article- on grief. An excerpt from this book written by a psychotherapist who lost his infant son. Grief is such a tricky topic to address and often we struggle with how to support those in our lives who lose someone. O’Malley offers some great insights and some easy to follow guidelines.

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