About Tri2Flow


Tri2FLow was started by Megan Hittner in 2015 after she transitioned to full-time private practice. Megan offered psychotherapy services and yoga instruction. Megan closed her office practice in 2018 to welcome her daughter to the world. She plans to return to private practice in April 2020. 


She has currently been working on creating content that can be accessible anytime, anywhere. Since becoming a mom, Megan has a new appreciation for people who need access to self-care tools and resources but who just don’t have the time to commit to more formal resources like several yoga classes a week, attending a retreat, or meditate for an hour a day. Even before becoming a mom, Megan noticed that a lot of her patients reported struggling to find the time to fit these practices in. She has always wanted to create something not to replace more intensive or formal resources but to maybe bridge the gap a little bit, or serve as a supplement to other forms of self-care.